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Application for community manager

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I would like to apply for the community manager position, so i shall give some reasons as to why i feel i would make a great community manager.

First of all i have played toxicscape for around 5 months.

i try and make every player feel welcome, i interact with all players, i get involved with them and i try not to let my rank seperate me from everyone else.

I am approachable, players can trust me, i make sure i help everyone to the best of my ability and i personally feel i have deserved all of my staff promotions i climbed the ladder from regular player to helper to moderator and now i am currently admin.

I help joker and cake with trying to better the server for all players which happens behind the scenes and most of that part of my help the players are unaware of.

I want to this opportunity to be the community manager as i feel i could discuss with joker and select the players i feel would work well with me on the staff team to help better the server and try and move the server forward to bring in new players and make everyone feel welcome aswell as ensure the community is sticking to server rules.

I understand being community manager is a big responsibility, however i know i am able to handle whatever is thrown at me, i am also loyal and trustworthy and i want the best for toxicscape.


Thanks for taking the time to read my application

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