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    How to set your yell Tag

    This will be a Guide on how to change your Color,and Shade of your yell as well as your personalized yell tag. its not hard or complicated so bear with me and you wont be disapointed ::setyelltag ::setyellcolor ::Setyellshade first of all whats one really cool thing about custom servers? making a custom yell tag that is what. to set your yell tag its pretty easy all you have to do is ::setyelltag Example ::Setyelltag Boss your tag will now be boss. We will be going over how to change the color and/or shade of the text yell text. To change the color all you have to do is is type into your text box ::setyellcolor and choose any of the colors you see down below that appeals to you. Example ::setyellcolor purple you will now have purple set as your yell tag color. Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Purple White Black Orange Cyan ::setyellshade Okay so now all you have to do is set the shade of your yell tag to the specific shade of the color you want if you wish to do so. so if this set tag system works like any other there is 2 ways you can set the shade 1 way is rather easy you can go through a list of numbers till you find a shade that fits your requirements. ::example Setyellshade 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. now i Have used a few of these and some of the shades do not register but you can find a good amount of shades this way. Another really good way to set the shades and color of your yell is through an easy to access app via google that is quite easy to use. this app is called HTML color mixer ,and no you do not need to download it just go to google chrome, Firefox or whatever your search engine is and type that in and you will get the application . here is a link in case you run into problems. https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_mixer.asp well that is the end of this Guide hopefully its helpful in the future
  2. Fate Of Gods

    Guide to mini boss slayer tasks

    Hey guys its Fate Of Gods here with a small quick guide for slayer and any of those who have or have yet to run into a slayer task that refers to killing a mini boss. Now i had this problem about a week ago where both a staff member and i could not find the slayer task i was assigned by my slayer master so for the better part of a week ive been attempting to locate the bosses via a teleport ,and i could not. The only possible way that i have found to get to the mini boss slayer quests is by going to the slayer master ,and clicking the tab that says teleport me to my slayer quest i was not aware that you could teleport via slayer master to your slayer task for a mini boss. He will then teleport you to the mini boss leader from there. For a small fee of 500m gp the mini boss leader will then teleport you to the one single room in the game that has all of the mini bosses that i am aware of. This is the complete list of all the bosses you will find in this specific room. -Mini King Black dragon -Mini Graador -Mini Kree'arra -Mini Titan -Mini Zilyana -Mini Tormented Demon -Mini corporeal Beast -Mini Barrelchest So there you have it its not a huge guide it is a rather small guide but it is a guide none the less. Nothing to flashy or special just insight as to where you could find these slayer tasks if you are unaware of the teleport feature hopefully this will help players on the subject into the future. Member [Fate Of Gods]
  3. Staff Application Fate Of Gods D.O.B:: April 29th 1993 04/29/93 Age:: 26. Occupation:: Hibachi Chef/Sue Chef/Sushi Chef Rank:: extreme Donor Timezone:: Central Daylight Time Time ingame per day:: 4-6 hours a day sometimes much more time ranges from 10:00 Pm to 1:00 Am Staff Aplication:: server support hey guys its me my actual name is Zakariah and i live in a little town in the US i started playing runescape at about 13 years old and when i turned 17 i heard about rsps and had to check it out. I was skeptical at first but once i started to play rsps in general my entire view of Runescape changed little did i know i would probably not play regular runescape ever again really. I know a lot about osrs i played it mostly when it was all they had out so i have a decent amount of experience when it comes to the regular world of rs. now i don't know everything nor do i claim to but i know a bit. i started playing this server over a few weeks ago so at this point i dont expect to be granted a position on the staff team as a helper but i'm putting in the app anyway as i feel i'm very helpful to the community and will continue to be even if i don't get a position ,as most assistance can be worked out without the privileges of a staff member. I have been and still will help any players who have any questions regarding information about the client the server the forums to the best of my ability and knowledge i will continue to learn as much about the server as i can as to help me further my knowledge of the server to better help me with helping all the players that i can when they have an issue. I have read the full list of user license agreement rules and regulations a few times so i could relay the guide on discord or just give it whenever any one asks me. I plan to be around for a long time to come i will not be changing that any time soon so i hope my application gets some good reviews from everyone here at Toxicscape and i look forward to working alongside the rest of staff even as a regular player. ToxicScape Member Fate Of Gods