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  1. monarh

    barrows minigame

    Good guide for those who doesn't know what is barrows, good job.
  2. monarh

    squeel of fortune

    Useful stuff,good job
  3. monarh

    Hello,My name is Monarh.

    Happens to everyone
  4. monarh

    Hello,My name is Monarh.

    Oh that, Just saying what I think I would like to have, thought we both know that you can't predict how your life will end
  5. monarh

    My Achievements.

  6. monarh

    Where is everyone?

    Its actualy funny hearing this from character like Joker XD
  7. monarh

    Hello,My name is Monarh.

    No wonder we are neighbours XD
  8. monarh

    Hello,My name is Monarh.

    Hello and thank you if you are reading this topic! The point of this topic is to describe and introduce myself as a person, so without making this too complicated I'll just numerise everything so it will be easy to follow.And I hope you all will be interested in knowing a little bit of me anyway there goes: My real name is Victor My birthday is in 1999/06/29, Currently 19 years old My hobbies are: Watching anime, listening to music, playing any kind of games, reading manga, doing quizes and or trivias, My favourite things ( as in food,activities etc): I love instant ramen, I love Anime, I love Skillet songs,I love smoking. I love games. I love being alone. I love Jokes. My least favourite things or things i dislike are: I hate sad songs, I hate running long distances, I hate violence, I hate blue. My future goal : One day I hope to get to Skillet concert. Have an apartment and a decent job with decent income. The ways I wouldn't like to die : I really wouldn't like to drown, I think drowning would be really long and painful process. I really wouldn't like to die bleeding while : my fingers are cutted off, my tongue cutted off, eyes gouged off, ears pierced trough, feed cutted off. The way I would prefer to die is : Forced to go to sleep with gas while listening to Skillet- Awake and alive. Have or had girlfriend or wife? : Nope Have brother sisters? : Yes, have sister and had brother. Sister is 15 and brother has passed away. Living in a family? : Yes, Im living with my sister and my mother, dad have passed away aswell. Have any pets?: Yes, I have a dog Her name is "Tiny" she is just tiny dog that has lived for 8 years by now. How tall am I? : I'm currently ~180 cm tall More nonsense but real information about me: I have been blood donator twice, thought my blood got used only once XD. I don't remember my blood type. Once I broke my leg, because I thought jumping from highs was fun.I have beard and it doesn't look good. I don't have car license but I have tractor and other farmer equipment licence. I have never ate pineaple pizza. If I'll remember more ill just edit in, thanks for reading XD
  9. monarh

    My Achievements.

    Thanks, Will do
  10. monarh

    More ways to get boxes

    It wouldn't cause it happens once in a while
  11. monarh

    My Achievements.

    [2019-05-29] My first major achievement is clearing arcade : http://prntscr.com/nuwnqs [2019-05-29] Cleared Extreme arcade: http://prntscr.com/nv1kya [2019-05-30] Became Extreme Donator http://prntscr.com/nv4ffe
  12. monarh

    Clue guide.

    It didin't take too long
  13. monarh

    More ways to get boxes

    Im thinking about a boss similar to "World boss" like having alot of hp,being in multi and giving rewards to top 3
  14. monarh

    More ways to get boxes

    Looking forward to it