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  1. joker

    discord link expired

  2. joker

    new donation ticket

    denied not gonna made this!! and if we doo it cost much more like executive kinda 900 $ mby bcs if you can spawn is not fun to play
  3. joker

    vote event

    hello Toxicscape Player!! Monthly Voting Contest! start ( 01.06.2019) Voting contest winners will be announced 1st day of every month! This Months prizes: 1St Winner: 1x helicopter pet 2Nd Winner: jason BFS 3Rd Winner: avery ring (i)
  4. joker

    Donation price guide

    This guide will help you get to know the typical prices when it comes to buying/selling donations, as well as guiding you through the process itself RULES!!!!!!! Make sure that whenever you are buying the donations from the other players, it is strictlyonly In game cash/Items! If you happen to be guilty of RWT (Real World Trading) your account will be PERM BANNED from the servers. Always, use any Staff member from Helper to an Admin + for middleman for the donation transaction. Avoid using other players due to the fact that you may be scammed. Donation Value Ingame Value $1 - $10 500T-1Q a dollar 500T - 10Q $10 - $30 1Q a dollar 10Q - 30Q $30 - $99 1Q - 2Q a dollar 30Q - 200Q $100 - $399 Up to 2.5Q a dollar Up to 1 Quint $400 - 400Q - 1 Quint $401 - $1000 Up to 3Q a dollar Seller's choice Remember! The bigger the donations, the more in game cash you'll get per dollar. As you can see above, 1-10 dollar small donations start as low as 500T per dollar, and they only go up from there. This guide will mainly help out those who are buying/selling donations from other players. If you have any further questions, always feel free to PM any of the staff members. We will be more then happy to Middleman or help you out with the transaction
  5. joker

    how to obtain barrows pets

    toxicscape webstore open dreamscape store lol please fix it
  6. joker

    Where is everyone?

    indeed XD
  7. joker

    Hello,My name is Monarh.

    indeed XD
  8. joker

    Hello,My name is Monarh.

    awesome bro bee intresting to read i have all farmar license too
  9. joker

    Where is everyone?

    you broke my heart
  10. joker

    My Achievements.

  11. hey toxicscape player!!! i would ask add suggestion bugs and other stuff more in forum not in discord!! ofcorse i understund in discord are faster and easier but take your fingers and made contect in forum also cheers!!!! TOXICSCAPE PRESIDENT:JOKER
  12. joker

    Clue guide.

    great guide
  13. joker

    More ways to get boxes

    thanks for idia we should add npc what gonna drop it
  14. joker

    Where is everyone?

    i think when discorc get popular everyone think discord are important but iagree forum is second impportent
  15. joker

    Guide to Voldemort death.

    nice guide