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  1. I would like to apply for the community manager position, so i shall give some reasons as to why i feel i would make a great community manager. First of all i have played toxicscape for around 5 months. i try and make every player feel welcome, i interact with all players, i get involved with them and i try not to let my rank seperate me from everyone else. I am approachable, players can trust me, i make sure i help everyone to the best of my ability and i personally feel i have deserved all of my staff promotions i climbed the ladder from regular player to helper to moderator and now i am currently admin. I help joker and cake with trying to better the server for all players which happens behind the scenes and most of that part of my help the players are unaware of. I want to this opportunity to be the community manager as i feel i could discuss with joker and select the players i feel would work well with me on the staff team to help better the server and try and move the server forward to bring in new players and make everyone feel welcome aswell as ensure the community is sticking to server rules. I understand being community manager is a big responsibility, however i know i am able to handle whatever is thrown at me, i am also loyal and trustworthy and i want the best for toxicscape. Thanks for taking the time to read my application
  2. p0rnst4r

    [ Introduction ] Fate Of Gods [staff application]

    great pitch my dude, i see you alot in game, you do help out where possible, always offering help when i have been afk and i return to my keyboard and i see in yell someone has asked a question and straight away you have been there to give a helping hand to the individual seeking assistance, i feel you would make a welcome addition to the staff team as its a little lonely for me by myself =P especially since yami has not been on much recently although im sure he will be back very soon it would be nice for someone to take his place until he is able to make a full return. i also feel if you do not get this role in which you have applied for, me and yourself have had a couple of discussions on the discord channel and it would appear that you are very gifted in being able to potentially make new models for the server if you have the right tools for the job, as well as being able to graphic design which i know will come in handy at some point, not to mention you have a fair amount of experience in the coding world as well, all of which are very good and outstanding qualities to have for you to maybe do alot of good work around the community as a Developer/gfx designer where you can help out cake and limitless as cake is busy and limitless does not have a fully working keyboard right now. either way it would be a real pleasure to have you working under me as an in game helper or working alongside cake and limitless working to improve the server. thank you for taking the time to submit your application, i am sure Joker will take this application into consideration. you have my vote =D
  3. p0rnst4r

    A Dreamers passion.

    A Dreamers Passion Requirements - 4 Iron Nails Procedure Make sure you have prepared the requirements especially the 4 Iron Nails. 1. Go into your spell book and choose City teleports. Head yourself to Varrock. When you get to Varrock speak to a man by the name of Lazim. Lazim will then ask you if you will help him find his lost friend. Lazim will then tell you how to find Ali. Ali is located in Draynor. 2. Go into your spellbook and choose City teleports. Head yourself to Draynor. When you get to Draynor run outside Draynor's bank to the back, you will find Ali. Ali will tell you that he needs nails to fix his boat. He will also tell you to inform Lazim on his status. You can now head back to Varrock to tell Lazim. 3. Speak with Lazim and he will tell you to obtain nails at the General store; Durka Durka. Once purchased, head back to Draynor and give Ali the 4 nails. Ali will ask if you can repair the boat for him because he doesn't reach the requirements. Use your nails on the boat to repair it. Now Ali will set sail to see Lazim. Head back to Varrock and speak with Lazim. Upon completing A Dreamers Passion you are rewarded with: - 1 Million Smithing XP - Full Graceful armour - A Golden Hammer - 20 Achievement Points
  4. p0rnst4r

    christmas event guide

    CHRISTMAS EVENT GUIDE To start the event speak to Santa at home! He will tell you that Christmas is ruined as his elves have joined a cult and stolen his sack of presents! Santa tells you, that if you want to help, you should try to join the elves cult and then go and teleport to the King Elf to persuade him to give Santa back his sack! You will have to track down Santa's Elves, they are all over dreamscape and when you will find them, they will test you with a question which you must answer correctly! If you answer their questions correctly, they will give you a Elven Crystal, you will need to collect 7 to make a teleport crystal to visit the King Elf. The answers to the questions are the same as the in game trivia questions The locations of the elves are as follows: Varrock Castle Falador Pub Lumbridge Castle Draynor Village Ardougne Yanille Catherby Once you have collected all the crystals use them on each other to create the crystal teleport! You will then be able to teleport to and fight the Elf King! Once you have killed the Elf King take Santas Sack back to him to finish the quest! Quest Complete! Rewards: 10-100k Gambling Exp Christmas Cracker Christmas Raffle Ticket Elven Teleport Crystal (can fight the Elf King once every 24 hours) Merry Christmas!
  5. p0rnst4r

    17th May

    trinity master only effects iron man (but as staff i have tried this out breifly) it works very well and is quite difficult but good fun
  6. p0rnst4r

    18th May

    this has been very popular with the regular players in game, quite a few reaper sets in game now however not a single terror of glory set as of yet
  7. p0rnst4r

    23th update

    was a very good update, it has allowed a whole new range of items to be aquired within the game from arcade reward shop big well done
  8. p0rnst4r

    Where is everyone?

    its a shame that forums hasnt really taken off yet but hopefully we can expand the community and player base accross discord forums and the server
  9. p0rnst4r

    new donation ticket

    i know for a fact this feature would be a hit with a bigger player base, i have seen this on another rsps i used to play where a player can make a brand new alternative account and give himself a donation ticket that turns his account into an extreme iron man and allows him to spawn and not trade (it is something different and unique and not many rsps gives the player the opportunity to spawn items)
  10. p0rnst4r

    new donation ticket

    bring in a new custom donation ticket that is only obtainable through donations. this ticket is different to any other donator ticket, it will allow the player to spawn any and all items, aswell as spawn into any npc, but also locks your account so you cant trade (like iron man) it also gives access to all donator zones, items can NOT be dropped onto the floor so it would not effect the economy it will just allow the player a different experience from normal playing. this ticket should be called HardCore donation ticket but make it so its untradeable and also set a reasonable price that anyone can choose to buy it
  11. p0rnst4r

    emperors ring

    introduce the emperors ring to the game, added into dream mystery box maybe? Gants Magnet Effect Scroll of Returning Effect Upgrade Hourglass Effect Scroll of Souls Effect Scroll of Fire Effect Scroll of Blood Effect A 10% bonus to each of Drop Rate, Double Drop Rate, and Luck A healing effect A 30% bonus to ranged damage also introduce the scrolls listed above seperate to the donator store as singular items
  12. p0rnst4r

    vote books

    when opening vote books, some items go in your inventory, whilst others go in your bank, this is highly confusing when trying to work out which items went into the bank, please can we have all vote book drops go in just the inventory many thank
  13. p0rnst4r

    Donation price guide

    thanks for the guide, very useful
  14. p0rnst4r

    how to obtain barrows pets

    i was unaware there was a link in this guide, sorry boss, i will be sure to make sure i check next time
  15. p0rnst4r

    barrows minigame

    The Big 6!! Tips Each brother has his own burial mound and possesses a combat level of 115, except Ahrim the Blighted and Karil the Tainted, who both have a combat level of 98. To enter a mound, the player must stand on top of it and dig using a spade. Inside the tomb the Tomb's of the brother appear, simply clicking the tomb will wake them up to begin fighting them. Information The Barrows brothers are very strong, each with high Defence levels and strong armour. Each brother has a set effect, which is the same as the corresponding armour set. Because of this, consideration should be given to the methods with and order in which the brothers are killed. What you need Range setup: Minigun / Golden Minigun with American pernix set, Blue Deathcape and Ring of Wealth (i). Magic setup: Soulflare u with aqua spirit shield with inga armor set or Infernal Set a Spade (They only have 5000 health, any form of damage you can do, can be well affected but its noted that they pierce through armor and will hit you hard) Getting there To get to barrows use the Minigames Teleport and selecting "Barrows" Inside The Crypt Inside the barrows crypt there are NO Monsters inside just some puzzle you must answer before entering the door as shown Entering the chest room It's Barrows from the Crypt! Once the player locates the operational door that leads to the Barrows Chest, he or she will have to solve a simple puzzle in order to open the door. Due to not having any monsters in the room it's a fast and easy process once you've got the hang of it