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  1. Limitless

    [ Introduction ] Fate Of Gods [staff application]

    Hello Zakariah, Thank you for applying, as of right now there is no positions available, but we shall keep you mind if something does eventually pop up, Thanks Limitless.
  2. Limitless

    Forum Event

    I didn’t think people could post here XD thought I locked it to staff only ahah
  3. Limitless

    Hello,My name is Monarh.

    Not gonna lie I got a slight sadistic feeling whilst reading this. Give me a massive smile on my face (total creepy one) whilst on the bus- I got some right dumb looks off people so thanks for that ahahha
  4. Limitless

    Where is everyone?

    Aye it's all good, Might do another event for it.
  5. Limitless

    Where is everyone?

    at least someone who has just joined uses the forums, some people who've been playing for a while haven't even signed up yet lol
  6. Limitless

    Strykewyrm set stats.

    Could be done within the future, most likely will be done at the time as the big update
  7. Limitless

    More upgrades?

    We have a massive update to come, so don't worry too much about this.
  8. Limitless

    acheivment of 15 active online players

    Sounds good, funding it yourself I presume?
  9. Limitless

    for @limitless

    now that's a lot better XD more information, Nice one mate ahaha.
  10. Limitless

    Please read!

    I was thinking more like ::miningguide for eg but either works
  11. Limitless


    Still waiting on a better introduction matey ;D
  12. Limitless

    Where is everyone?

    Good, I see the forums are slowly filling up now, and Most icons and rank images are added so get earning them guys XD
  13. Limitless

    ring of wealth

    I'll look into that one, seems like a good idea.
  14. Limitless


  15. Limitless

    Please read!

    Once we have a guides on here commands will be easily implemented to direct them to the guide